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80% of software projects fail to meet budget, schedule, objective, or completion. Is this your reality? Can you afford to sacrifice any of these critical factors when selecting a software development firm? Do you worry that your project won’t be completed to your satisfaction? Or, are missed deadlines and costly overruns threatening to derail your software project? And… should you have to deal with these dilemmas while running other aspects of your company?

Many decision makers in small-sized to Fortune 50 companies have found themselves in your position. They needed to implement software that would make an impact enterprise. Just simply made one decision; Chose Lumineux Informatique.

If time to market, lack of resources, or a deficiency in a certain technical areas is limiting your success, contact us. We will do whatever it takes to get it done right the first time.

The Technical team at Lumineux Informatique has experience in Database Application Development, setting up and using different databases, from small and fast MySQL; used for small projects, to huge and efficient Oracle database servers with complex structure. We have a team with strong database management background and PL-SQL programming experience. Lumineux Informatique can provide with resources onsite or offsite, with a varied experience in Oracle Solutions, as Database Consultants and in particular as Oracle Consultants.

Network (LAN/WAN) Solutions

Lumineux Informatique is committed to providing our customers with a seamlessly integrated system. To assist our customers with implementing and supporting their network and hardware components, we have partnered with a series of network solution providers around the country. Our network solution providers are fully certified and have been trained to service and support the networks and hardware peripherals for most of our products.

We offer a comprehensive range of specialist networking services and technical solutions aimed at small to medium sized enterprises (SME). Our highly skilled network installations team bring with them years of experience and industry qualifications. They have been installing networks, both wired cabling and wireless across a broad range of industry sectors for many years. Our network installations team can provide your business with a range of network solutions...

Paperless Office Automation

An efficient, well run organization requires a proper technology foundation in addition to well-planned processes that control how information moves between people and systems. Lumineux Informatique takes a process-based approach to designing information solutions that meet our client’s requirements.

In plain language this means that we look first at the activities that people in the organization perform. Based on an understanding of what people do, our process experts are able suggest alternative approaches to performing repetitive tasks. At times, efficiency and accuracy is gained through the use of technology, at other times small changes to existing manual processes may be all that is needed to reduce costs and improve performance.

A well planned business that makes the correct use of technology and processes is able to reap all the benefits of paperless office automation. If your organization frequently moves documents between individuals and/or departments, it may be time to look at a paperless automation solution that allows information to be scanned electronically and shared among people using easily customized workflow and document management tools.

In-house Email Solution

Lumineux Informatique specializes in the implementation and support of messaging systems, which allow your business to communicate seamlessly with both internal and external mail users, manage time and business contacts.

If your organization grows, we ensure that it will grow with minimal fuss. We configure and activate e-mail accounts to a growing number of staff members, potentially located in different sites and/or outside the office.

A well designed email and messaging solution is crucial to the success of any modern business, and we excel at understanding the commercial needs of businesses and implementing systems which exactly meet these requirements.

Registration of a domain name is now easy and low-cost. With assistance from Lumineux Informatique, you can have yourcompany.com with ease, along with a unique e-mail address. Once you have your domain and Internet connection in-house, e-mail server can retrieve and send your companies mail automatically. The sharing of electronic diaries and contacts can be brought to the desktop, and e-mail delivered straight to Microsoft Outlook or other e-mail programs.

Lumineux Informatique can provide administration services for all major e-mail systems, including the Exchange Server, Lotus Notes & Alt-n MDaemon. As part of the monthly service agreement package, Lumineux Informatique ensures that the system runs efficiently at all times, and any problems that arise are dealt with minimal fuss and user downtime.

Lumineux Informatique can reduce and/or eliminate the amount of unsolicited advertising the users receive using e-mail monitoring and filtering services (pornographic material and unsolicited e-mail). This service is provided by using an extra module, which can be incorporated into the Firewall solution.

Web & E-Commerce Solution

Lumineux Informatique can offer Web Hosting Packages for customers wishing to transfer their existing web site to dedicated web servers. Lumineux Informatique provides web-based e-commerce solution to businesses serious about online sales. The e-commerce solution maximizes profit by focusing on increasing revenue and decreasing costs.

IT Support & Maintenance

If your company has between 5 and 30 users and you don't have an in-house IT department, you need our services. Is your network Reliable? Secure? Efficient? Do you have a Disaster Recovery Plan? Is your network email and web enabled? Are you at risk from Viruses? Are your staffs productive? Do you really want to have to worry about all this yourself? Contact Lumineux Informatique!

Lumineux Informatique is serious about supporting our customers. When it comes to keeping networks and systems available around the clock, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. For this reason, we offer a variety of support contracts that allow us to proactively manager critical networks and systems. This way, we can anticipate and respond to problems before they have any impact on business operations.

Support contracts allow our customers to contact us at no extra charge on our toll free number whenever questions or concerns arise related to their technology investment. When problems do arise, Lumineux Informatique technicians will offer immediate assistance. Often this is enough to fix the problem, but if a visit to the customer’s office is required, we make every effort to get an expert on-site within one hours or less.

At Lumineux Informatique, we want our customers to consider us as their trusted technology partner, available to help with issues ranging from printing or email problems, all the way through recovery from serious hardware failures or virus attack. Our goal is to answer all technical questions and solve all IT problems, at a fair and affordable cost.

Anyone with access to the Internet or email is vulnerable to spam, hackers, viruses and spyware. There are a many technology products available that offer varying degrees of protection against these constantly evolving threats. At Lumineux Informatique we teach our clients that a sensible, well-enforced security policy is critical for safeguarding data and systems. This often involves simple measures such as blocking certain types of email attachments, or implementing stronger password rules.

The stability and security of your network is just one of the services that Lumineux Informatique offers its customers. Our job is to anticipate and safeguard against the threats to your computing environment. When virus and other attacks do occur, our security experts are ready to address the problem and get you back in business as soon as possible.

Professional Services

Lumineux Informatique is very keen in information technology consulting firm providing IT services and solutions that help clients compete in their markets and improve their operations. We offer application development and integration, business and network strategies, and strategic IT staffing solutions. Flexible delivery of IT services and solutions is an integral part of Lumineux’s client-first approach to technology consulting.

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